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Sides & Extras

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Arroz (Mexican Rice)


Our arroz is prepared fresh daily. We cook our rice in chicken broth and sprinkle with our Los Chico's see blend.

Refried Beans


We make our frijoles fresh daily by soaking and then cooking hard beans with salt, pepper, and spices. 

Black Beans - $3.50

Mexican Street Corn Side (Elote)


Los Chico's elote is made daily by roasting fresh one (1) sweet corn on the cob. We then generously spread them with lime mayo and cotija cheese. We then top them with with delicious Mexican chili power seasoning. 

Cebollas Asadas (Grilled Onions)


Cebollas asadas are a Mexican staple when it comes to grilling. These onions when grilled become soft, fragrant, sweet, and caramelized with a salty and tangy flavor. They compliment any grilled dish.

Mama Lucina's Tamales


Our tamales are home made daily using Mama Lucina's recipe. Our filling includes shredded chicken with verde sauce and pork with rojo sauce. We stuff it all into a masa filled corn husk and then steam cook to perfection.

Chiles Toreados


Our chiles are flash fried and sprinkled with a house seasoned and garnish with lime wedges. 

American Style Taco (Hard or Soft Shell)


Flour tortilla with your choice of ground beef or shredded chicken, lettuce, and cheese

Substitute Impossible!™ add $1

Sour cream side (2oz)


Guacamole side


Fresh Jalapeño peppers


Sliced Avocado


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